Sunny Leone Posters In Peta and Jism 2 : Posters and Review

Adult film actor Sunny Leone seems to be very happy after working in her first Bollywood film, ‘Jism 2’.  After getting into Bollywood , the actress has admitted that this was her dream and she always longed for it.

Sunny Leone In Jism 2 & in Peta, Posters & ReviewSunny Leone also told the viewers that they should get mislead by the false appearance of the poster of the movie as the movieis filled with lots of things.

Working in Jism 2 was very exciting and she loved it. Sunny Leone has worked hard for her Bollywood debut. The actress is spending too much time to improve her fluency in Hindi.


Sunny Leone Goes Bare for Peta

Well as Sunny Leone has always stayed in the headlines, her news of getting into the long list of stars in Peta also made news.

As Peta is famous for flashing stars nude for its posters, with this how Sunny Leone”s campaign will turn out has became a point of discussion.Sunny Leone In Jism 2 & in Peta, Posters & Review

Campaign is not even yet started but has got a lot of air before starting.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now under the questions of many for chosing the famous adult film star Sunny Leone as one of its representatives.

The Indo-Canadian actress came into Bollywood through canadian casino Bigg Boss. The show has turned out to be lucky to her. She had a very successful career as a porn star. She was positioned among the top 12 porn stars in 2010.

sunny leone without clothes

Jism 2 Sunny Leone

The movie is released and has received alto of viewership so far. The movie, Jism 2, has received 3 starts, which makes it an average film.

The movie is about a porn star, who is appointed by a bold intelligence officer to make a “Honey-trap” for a feared murderer. By accepting the task she makes puts her own life in danger.

The porn star, Sunny Leone, keeps the eyes of the viewers still on her and the story of the movie as well.

The movie entered a lot of controversies before releasing. The censor board has raised a lot of objections against the film.

23 Aug 2012- Sunny Leone wardrobe Malfunction

This time it was none other that Sunny Leone herself who became a victim of the wardrobe malfunction blunder. She came to India

Sunny leone wardrobe malfunction

Sunny leone wardrobe malfunction

for promotion of her film “Jism 2” and in an interview the incident happened.

As the porn star Sunny Leone was wearing a black dress but beneath the yellow trim became visible which was termed as thewardrobe malfunction.

The pictures of the event went on like fie and was all over with a few hours.

Sunny Leone later told in a statement that it was not a wardrobe malfunction as it was what she liked! The sex  celebrity has always managed up herself to be in limelight of Bollywood. And with such big blunders Sunny leone is surely grabbing the interests of the viewers.

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