Now watch 3D TV Without Boring 3D Glasses

No more need of 3D glasses to watch 3D screens. As per a new technology the need to watch cool 3D screens with boring 3D glasses would be no longer be required.

However archetypes of these screens by now are present in the market. The advanced form of these screens would be available.3D glasses

The technology is based on the autostereoscopic displays which would change the 3D experience.

Presently 3D is built on two images at a time, which means one for each eye.

But the autostereoscopic displays would display five to ten angle views of one scene at a time, which means that one would be able to watch the screen from different angles.

In recent times scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications have discovered a technology which converts an existing Blu-ray 3D content into a format which supports the advanced autostereoscopic display.

Earlier the conversion was rarely possible and even whenever it was it happened at a very slow pace. But now the watcher would just 3D TVinsert a 3D Blu-ray disc, and would watch 3D movie with his naked.

The viewer would be able to enjoy the view throughout. The viewer would be able to fast forward or rewind the movie, start it, stop it, all this with the same exceptional feature.

The scientists are now finished the development of the software which would convert the data. At present tests and experiments are going on the project.

After the completion of the experimentation, the inventors of the technology would go in a pact with their industry partners, as it would be done to make the technology available on the new TV sets.

Still the buyers would have to wait for one more year in order to have this technology in their homes.

The technology is expected to be released in Berlin at the IFA trade show.

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