No Home For Muslims In Mumbai

Mumbai is believed to be too much religiously biased. Even film stars have faced such problem.The last one was heard from Emraan Hashmi, after being rejected several times when looking for an apartment.Emraan Hashmi described how much trouble he had faced while seeking an apartment in Mumbai. The same case was reported by Shabana Azmi and even by ‘chotte nawab’ Saif Ali Khan.All this happened just because these people were Muslims.

No place for Muslims in Mumbai

Leave film stars now and think about the common Muslims. No wonder if the stars are facing such problems the commoners might be facing hell.

People who come from different cities seek flats in Mumbai. As Mumbai is the economic capital of India, everybody wants to be a part of it.

But it seems that the dream of owning a place in Mumbai is not for Muslims.

I’ll narrate an incident related to this; there was a guy, a friend of mine, who after working into merchant navy for several years came back, and was seeking a flat in Mumbai. As he was a Muslim so he faced a lot of trouble in seeking a flat. At last he got a flat in Andheri Lokhandwala. He gave the agent the token money of the flat. But soon his token money was returned back as the society did not approve a Muslim citizen residing in between them.

Flats in Mumbai are mostly held by corporate classes, all of them have one thing in common and that is no Muslims.

At first the constructors might sell flats to some Muslims, but as soon as the society takes shape, no more Muslims are endorsed.

This rule is mostly accepted by most of the societies, of course there are exceptions.

There are Muslim societies, where just Muslims reside. But there are not much of these societies. As most of the Muslims are not accepted by the societies, so they prefer in living in their own small societies.

This way of living is even reflected in the TV serials. The comedy serial, “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”, shows families of every religion except Muslims. The only Muslim present in the serial is one small store owner; even he is showed just once in a while.

This perhaps shows the reality of Mumbai.


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