Neil Armstrong Dead At 82

Neil Armstrong, the first human to land on the moon and as the commander of the Apollo 11, died tragically after heart surgery. He was at the age of 82 at  the time of his death.

Neil Armstrong was born on Aug. 5, 1930 in a little town of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

On July 20, 1969, the world watched Armstrong landing the “one giant leap for mankind” on moon with fellow astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. He spent nearly three hours walking on the moon

Twenty minutes later his crewmate, Buzz Aldrin, joined Armstrong Twenty minutes later.  The next two hours both of the men were

neil armstrong

photo credits: Corbis

watched by the whole. They moved freely in the low gravity of the moon taking rock samples and clicking photographs.

Armstrong got married in 1999 with Carol. In the latter period of his live Armstrong prevented public as well as media attention. He preferred staying out of sight.

Neil Armstrong was designated as an astronaut in 1962. He was given the position of the command pilot for the Gemini 8 mission. Gemini 8 was launched into space on March 16, 1966. Armstrong in 1966 achieved the first fruitful docking of 2 vehicles in space.

In 1972 Neil Armstrong was allotted a desk job, actuality called as “NASA’s deputy assistant administrator for aeronautics” at the bureau of “Advanced Research and Technology”.

Neil Armstrong left NASA almost after a year and joined the University of Cincinnati as a professor of engineering.


Neil Armstrong has been and always be remembered for his great part in the history of mankind.

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