Indian Air Force To Buy Six New Mid-Air Re-fillers To Combat China

The Indian Air Force is scheduling to situate its airborne refilling freighters in West Bengal at the Panagarh base. The arrangement of these planes will increase the attack range of India’s forward-facing line of Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter planes which are centered beside theIAF Chinese border.


The IAF will shortly grant the deal for purchasing 6 mid-flight re-fillers to either the Russia or Europe as both the Ilyushin-78 and the A-330 MRTT are the top competitors of each other. The IAF already has 6 airborne re-fillers which, at present, are at the Agra air force station. And those 6 air fillers serve the need of the complete Air Force. As the number of planes in the IAF is rapidly increasing the need for re-fillers is also increasing.


Once the positioning of the fresh mid-flight re-fillers at the Panagarh air base is done, then India’s Su -30 MKI jet planes will be able to persist in air for long hours. Consequently they will be able to perform better in their assignments and in circumstances of a war they would be able to reach their maximum capability. This would assist the combatants to pierce profoundly into China and detonate aims of great significance. Presently the IAF has grounded their Su-30 MKI jet aircrafts at ‘Tezpur’ and ‘Chabua’ air base; both of these are located in Assam.


Mid-air re-fillers are thought to be of tactical importance to every air force since these planes act as power boosters because they assist in augmenting the planned range of the fighter jets.

‘Panagarh’ air base is initially a World War II air-base. It was established by Americans to blastoff their missiles directly into China. Activation of this air base would add as one more in the list of several new air bases re-started by the IAF in the North.

The contract for the source of six mid-flight re-fillers will cost somewhat $ 2 billion to the IAF. This would act as another fragment of a complete plan to straight away face China in the north-east of India. Till now India has moved numerous strides such as the positioning of squads of Su-30 MKI and making of 2 supplementary military dissections.

The IAF is correspondingly reviving two fresh airstrips in Arunachal Pradesh.

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