Guwahati Protests: 11th Class Girl Molested On Street

In Guwahati a girl was molested in the midst of a street by a group of 20 men; such an act of shame. When programs like Satyamev Jayate, are trying to strengthen the power of women in public and society these people try to smack them down ruthlessly.

guwahati girl molestedThus leaving the question in the mind of the people that is this the same country where women are worshipped and the greatest god (Lord Durga) considered is a women itself.


Rammed on the street, molested by each of the 20 men, this poor girl; will she ever be able to forget this incident or will she ever face the public with the strength how she used top do it before.

In this serious act of misconduct who is to be blamed – the group of 20 people, the police, the public watching it or the girl herself.


The National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked for severe reprimand for persons responsible.


The dreadful event happened in face of a bar located on the Guwahati -Shillong Road, this outraged an open protest once the recording of the act was uploaded on the famous video playback site ‘YouTube’.

The video on Youtube displays approximately twenty men hauling, hitting, tearing the dress apart for 30 minutes, of a student who was just in class 11. The girl was accompanied by her friend in the bar, as they both were attending a friend’s birthday party. The bar was situated on the Guwahati -Shillong road.

The police reached the place of the incident but was as usual late.

See the Video of the Inhuman Act

Guwahati Police : We will take serious actions

Subsequently a nationwide protest above the event took place. Under the pressure of the protest, the Assam Police detained 4 out of the 12 people who were recognized as the culprits.

All this was possible just because of the video. The video created an enormous man chase to catch the ones who were running away.

The home establishment of the Guwahati police has put up billboards within the state of Guwahati. This has been done in order confirm the faces of the one recognized in that video.

Guwahati Police Commissioner, Jayanta Choudhary, has declared that the ones concerned in the outrageous event will be in prison within just next few days. He added that the law enforcement needs to ascertain the charge sheet against the responsible.

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