Gujarat Riots : 18 Get Life Imprisonment In The Ode Village Mass Murder

On Thursday a special court in Gujarat finally sentenced life imprisonment to 18 and 5 get 7 years in jail. These were  accused of killing in the 2002 Ode village mass murder case  which left 23 people dead.

Gujarat Riots : 18 Get Life Imprisonment In The Ode Village Mass Murder

Gujarat Riots : 18 Get Life Imprisonment In The Ode Village Mass Murder

The 18 people were also fined Rs. 5,800 as a part of their punishment and a fine of Rs.3,800 was imposed on the rest five persons.

As soon as the verdict came out it created a  chaos among the families of the convicts. The families of the convicts were attending the hearing of the court, and were shattered by the result. Families raised a huge hue and cry for their persons, they even questioned the court that how could the court be biasd and make a decision without any proof.

Whereas, the news came out as a sign of gay and happiness for the families who lost their loved ones.

At the starting of the case there were 47 accused in total but one of the accused died in the midst of the trial. Later some of them were charged free of the guilt. This is the only case before the Godhra Riot where the court has adopted conspiracy theory. The accused people were even charged of

Gujarat Riots : 18 Get Life Imprisonment In The Ode Village Mass Murder
Gujarat Riots : A Picture Of The  Ode Mass Murder

the conspiring and this added against them and made the case strong.

The case was monitered by a special investigating team. The case included almost 150 witness out of which 35 people later turned their back, the case was backed by more than 170  documentary proofs.

This was one of the three riot cases folowed by the Godhra train carnage riot and the Sardarpura mass murder case which took place in Gujrat. All these three riot cases which took place in Gujrat were looked on by the Special Invetigating Team. In all, there were a total of 9 riot cases in Gujrat.

This incident took place on Friday,1st March, 2002 after the Godhra Train burning incident. The angry mob attacked the muslim famalies of the Ode Village and later burned down their houses into ashes. It left 23 people dead out of which 9 were little children.

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  1. Muslim should remember that these things happen when we loose our touch with the almighty allah.
    Its a shame for a people whose religion the world approves, he himself is taking lightly and mixing with common ignorant man and their culture. In the process he is forgetting his own culture and path. what a pity.

    I agree many killed with be common man, but isnt it the common man that has become forgetful of allah and His beloved prophet. Time has made US immune to faith . so such calamities are coming our ways to remind us the fultility of leaving one’s true path and following the ignorants.
    I urge people to come back to the path of The Prophet(peace be upon him), however the ignorant may desist. What happened to 5 times prayers which is a pillar of faith.

    Mulims following his religion with conviction will be better for him and for the society he lives as a whole. It is our responsibility to strive to uphold justice and peace of society wherever we live.

    May allah save us from his wrath and guide us till the end of our time.

    Muslims grieve not and have patience, the hereafter is for the righteous.

    Never think that any matter in the universe is beyond the grip of allah, if you have faith.


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