Arvind Kejriwal To Protest on Tuesday Against CM Chouhan

Arvind Kejriwal was very much agitated by the act of the police force and has thought of going on a dharana i.e. protest demonstration in its reply.

Claiming that there is no “Opposition” present in the nation,  Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said he will perform a ‘dharna’ in front of the house of Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Bhopal in disapproval of the police force act of countering Kejriwal’s followers there.

He said that people were brutally crushed by the police in Bhopal at the time when they were raising corruption charges against CM Chouhan.

He even said that the BJP was acting in the same way how UPA in the center does. Adding that the BJP is also displaying the same level of autocracy and muscle how YPA in the center does.

Kejriwal along with his groups was imprisoned when they trooped till the houses of the PM and other topmost ministers of the UPA and BJP shouting on the dispute of the coal block allocation.

The police as said by the police department was then forced to disperse the crowd and in order to do so they had to throw teargas andArvind Kejriwal water cannons at the forthcoming mob.

Kejriwal said that action was intolerable as 24 people were arrested by the police and were imprisoned in jail among which 5 were women. All of those 24 people were in Central jail. They were imprisoned because they raised their voice against the corruption raised by the CM.

Relating to his Tuesday’s protest Arvind Kejriwal said that he would also do the same thing and if the hour xcalls he would also go to jail for raising his voice against corruption.

Relating to his previous comment on the opposition parties he said that there are no opposition parties left in the nation, as all of them have kept their hands in the gloves given by the ruling UPA government.


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