Amarnath Yatra Registration & Route With Details

The Amarnath yatra of the Amarnath Temple Cave which is placed amid the peaks of Jammu and Kashmir, is a holy sacred place of Hindus. Amarnath yatra is done by lakhs of devotees each year.
Despite of the mountainous ways and the rough peaks in the midst of Amarnath yatra , the devotees reach the Amarnath Temple Cave each year in order to show their respect.
The  is made to honor Lord Shiva.

About the Amarnath Yatra to the cave temple

Amarnath yatraThe temple is situated in J&K, on the Indian side. The Amarnath temple cave is concealed with snow for much of the time of the year. So the temple is opened for the visitors for a very short time during the year.
The shiva Lingam, which lies within the high mountainous cave, emerges up from the snow all by itself each year. It is believed that the snow Shiva Lingam changes its shape in correspondence to the moon.

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Story of the Amarnath temple

It is believed that the Lord Shiva himself along with his wife used to reside in this cave. And this is the place Pilgrims to Amarnath yatrawhere he revealed to his wife the secret of life.
It is even said that the cave was found by a shepherd accidentally on his way to home.

The formation of the cave dates back in 32 to 7 BC, as it is believed that a raja at that time used to revere an ice Shiva Lingam in the peaks of Kashmir.
But it was in the midst of the 15th century when the world came to know about it. That was the time when the shepherd accidentally found this ice made Shiva Lingam.

Trip to the Amarnath Temple (Amarnath Yatra)

Worshippers trek on foot, either from Srinigar or from Pahalgam to reach the Amarnath temple. The end trip takes more or less 5 days.

Cave Temple AmarnathThe Amarnath yatra is a well renowned and a much liked trip by the devotees of the Lord Shiva. The number of people visiting this holy shrine increases every year. Last year in 2011 somewhere around 65000 devotees of the shrine visited the place to pay their respect.

The devotees reach this holy spot within the 45-day time of the year; nearly about the celebration of Shravani Mela in July to August,

The commencement of the once a year pilgrimage, known as Amarnath Yatra toward the Himalayan cave temple is manifested by ‘pratham pujan’ i.e. the first worship. This is done in order to summon the god of Shri Amarnathji to bestow blessings upon the devotees.

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